Critics Review the Music of Harry Miller

Inner Ear Records - 1999

image of cover of Live At The Museum cd

"This music by the Miller trio is a live recording. Miller displays a light hint of classical training while blending in his lyrical approach to improvisation with emphasis on a full-sounding chord structure. His playing follows the path of the original melodies and winds onto curving trails where the destination, while not far out of sight, is always arrived at circuitously. Nearly all of the compositions are by his hand, and they take the form of various musical styles ranging from a touch of Latin to the blues with multiple stylistic stops in between. The mood changes regularly during the program.... his contemplative nature takes hold of the music. He is a proponent of the concepts of divine consciousness as reflected in the teachings of a noted living meditation teacher, and this spiritualism makes its presence known on numerous occasions.

The rhythm team of bassist Edwards and drummer Ector is steady and supportive. They supply Miller with substantive beat... on a few occasions Edwards and Ector take the forefront. The most reflective piece on the card is "Ruminating", a solo by Miller where he internalizes the lengthy melody with high intensity. The music has flow and a steady rhythm..... a solid trio outing that has multiple points of merit."

Frank Rubolino, Cadence Magazine, October 2001

"... a really smooth, classy group with a lot of style ..... what many trios hope to be..... perfectly balanced in performance with solo and group blendings of musical motifs, and enjoyable listening pleasure. Excellent sound and production values highlight this live concert recorded on June 7, 1998 at the Paterson Museum in New Jersey. Selections include many noteworthy compositions by Harry Miller, as well as Miles Davis' "Solar." Each selection is perfectly performed with much feeling and mastery, and the listening audience will find many songs on this CD to enjoy. "Holy Shift" is a fine selection with an intricate jazz motif, and the harmony is engaging! An example that showcases Harry Miller's unique talents as a jazz pianist is found in the solo piano improvisation titled "Ruminating". Other selections include "Amor Nao Tem Motivo," "Waterfall," "Path of Moonbeams," "New York Ego," and the innovative "Glide". If you are looking for something new and totally refreshing in the world of jazz music, please give the Harry Miller Trio a listen, for you will not be disappointed; great entertainment! Five stars to the Harry Miller Trio and their LIVE AT THE MUSEUM. A great listening experience with a touch of class and style. Excellent!"

"At a time when most jazz musicians are either following the master's footsteps down well worn paths or defiantly pushing the music to its strident extremes, Harry Miller seems intent on pursuing his own singular musical vision. Recorded at the Paterson Museum in New Jersey, seven of Live At The Museum's eight tracks are original compositions that revolve around the pianist's lucid and lyrical style. From the delicately shimmering 'Path Of Moonbeams' to the gently animated 'Glide,' Miller is able to achieve musical sophistication without sacrificing depth of emotion. On the extended solo improvisation 'Ruminating,' the pathos of George Winston is subtly juxtaposed against the harmonic complexities of Lyle Mays in compelling fashion. Throughout the entire performance, Miller, bassist David Edwards and drummer Vince Ector effectively blend the intense extremes of intricacy with the joyous spontaneity of simplicity. Both the avid jazz fan and the casual listener will hear something on Live At The Museum that speaks to them. I highly recommend it. A+ "

Vincent DeMasi, ISLAND EAR (Long Island, NY music newspaper)
  • Harry Miller - piano, composer
  • David Edwards - acoustic and electric bass
  • Vince Ector - drums
  • MC Introduction
  • Waterfall
  • Amor Nao Tem Motivo
  • Holy Shift
  • Path of Moonbeams
  • New York Ego
  • Ruminating
  • Glide
  • Solar (Miles Davis)

Inner Ear Records - 1993

image of cover of Paradox Fossils cd

"An artist of striking inventiveness and originality... On Paradox Fossils, Miller shows he is very gifted... he can move through the spectrum of piano stylings from boogie-woogie to atonality"

Len Bukowski, CADENCE

"Harry Miller lets his mind flow and fingers ramble while maintaining cohesion and focus. Like Keith Jarrett in his early days, Miller expounds on lyrical yet occasionally angular motifs in sensitive sensible fashion"

Deni Kasrel, JAZZTIMES
  • Harry Miller - solo piano improvisations
  • My Romance (Rodgers/Hart)
  • Silk Union
  • Dysfunctional Fossil
  • Greed vs. Earth
  • Alone Together (Dietz/Schwartz)
  • Fossil in Paradise
  • Living Values
  • Fossil Fool
  • Devika
  • Patient Witness of History
  • Walking With You
  • Good Morning Heartache (Higginbotham/Drake/Fisher)
  • Fossil Paradox

Optimism Records - 1989

image of cover of Open House cd

"Anything but predictable...a clever, eclectic offering... pieces are imbued with the composers renegade spirit... Miller avoids all the fuzak cliches.. 3 and a half stars!"

Bill Milkowski, DOWNBEAT

"Harry Miller plays acoustic piano with an eclectic perspective... Greg Osby, Ralph Moore, and Jeff "Tain" Watts are excellent choices as hired muscle (on "Architecture" they threaten to burn down the building)...attention is paid to pacing and variety...5 stars!"

Thomas Conrad, CD REVIEW

"Miller has an impressive background... his keyboard and piano work gives forth with a rich blend of styles and textures... refreshing."

JAZZSCENE (magazine)

"Nicely arranged and well played jazz... fans of this genre will find it appealing. 5 stars!"

Steven Schecter, CD HOTLINE
  1. Surrender
    • Harry Miller - piano, keyboards
    • Greg Osby - alto saxophone
    • Ralph Moore - tenor saxophone
    • Peter Parcek - guitar
    • Jerome Harris - bass guitar
    • Jeff "Tain" Watts - drums
    • Junior Homrich - percussion
  2. Choice of Words
    • Harry Miller - piano
    • Greg Osby - alto saxophone
    • Ralph Moore - tenor saxophone
    • Jerome Harris - bass guitar
    • Jeff "Tain" Watts - drums
  3. Wild Cosmos
    • Harry Miller - keyboards, drum programming
    • Arto Tuncboyacian - percussion
  4. Lightning River
    • Harry Miller - piano, keyboards
    • Greg Osby - alto saxophone
    • Ralph Moore - tenor saxophone
    • Peter Parcek - guitar
    • Jerome Harris - bass guitar
    • Steve Williams - drums
  5. Eyes of the Witness
    • Harry Miller - piano, keyboards
    • John Loehrke - acoustic bass
    • Steve Williams - drums
  6. Architecture
    • Harry Miller - piano, keyboards
    • Greg Osby - alto sax
    • Ralph Moore - tenor sax
    • Jerome Harris - bass guitar
    • Jeff "Tain" Watts - drums
  7. Open House
    • Harry Miller - piano, keyboards
    • Jody Espina - alto sax, flute
    • Eric Delente - violin
    • Kevin Batchelor - trumpet
    • Koji Ohneda - acoustic bass
    • Steve Williams - drums
  8. Elektro-Rock Therapy
    • Harry Miller - piano, keyboards
    • Peter Parcek - guitar
    • Greg Osby - alto sax
    • Ralph Moore - tenor sax
    • Konrad Adderley - bass
    • Steve Williams - drums