Personal Reviews of the Music Of Harry Miller
Umbrella CD cover

I was just listening to "Live at the Museum". What a great record. Can't wait to hear the new one.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did at my party. There has been a constant buzz around town about the party - a success that was largely due to you and your amazing talent. I couldn't have been happier with the music! Thank you so much!

Nena Colligan, New Jersey, USA

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your CD "Harry Miller Trio - Live at the Museum". It is fantastic!! I have been listening to it quite a bit and really enjoy it. Thanks for the great music!! Keep on making noise!!

Joseph DeMasi, musician, North Dakota, USA

Harry Miller makes beautiful music--soulful, deep, lighthearted, uplifting....tasty, tantalizing, delicious! His compositions express that intangible thing that has to do with Love of Life---and just listening to what comes from his soul brings you face to face and heart to heart with joy.

Walker Jones, actor-musician, New York, NY, USA

Harry, You guys were awesome at "The Underground Lounge" in NYC. I'm very impressed with your new compositions. I'm very glad I came, but sorry that I couldn't stay later to listen to the second set, and that so many people missed out on so much great music! Good job, man!

David Ashford, graphic designer-musician-chef, Queens, NY, USA
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I received your CD "Live at the Museum", Harry, thank you for sending it to me. I've been listening to it a lot and I really like it ... the vibe of the album reminds me very much of the great Hampton Hawes Trio ... this being the first time I've heard you play on a real piano helped me realize how much more talented you are than I'd been hearing (playing with you in the wedding band back in the late 80's), and your album has the sound and feel of a Jazz Classic ... my favorites are "Amor Nao Tem Motivo", "Path of Moonbeams", and "New York Ego", but "Glide" is on right now and I really like that also ... very cool and very peaceful, which the world could use more of now ... keep playing that cool music for the world and I will do the same ... by the way, my Mother-in-Law walked in last night and your album was playing and the first thing she said was "nice music" ... "SOLAR" , baby ... oh yeah ! (click here for Larry's website)

Larry Hunter, guitarist-bassist-singer-songwriter, Long Island, NY, USA

I listened to and LOVED your CD "Live at the Museum". Great playing and band! GOOD LUCK !

Tom Haberman, drummer, Hawaii, USA

I listened to your CD "Live at the Museum" and had it on replay for most of the afternoon. I really enjoyed hearing it. Your playing is very beautiful and complex. I think the album has a lot of depth in it, and I am looking forward to playing it many times. You are an exceptionally fine musician, and you play with passion.

Karen Prena, attorney, Chicago, IL, USA

Sounds great!! I like "New York Ego". I'm an organist, and I can hear some nice things you are doing. Hope to catch you live sometime. (click here for Lonnie's website)

Lonnie Gasperini, musician, Rhode Island, USA

Cool CD. I dig the originals and the voicings on "Solar".

Chris Smith, drummer/bassist, New York City, USA
Live at the Museum cd cover

I've been listening to the CD ("Live at the Museum"), and it's fantastic! I'm so surprised that it was recorded live, from the good quality of playing and recording. It's a great record, man, congratulations! I'm quite impressed and I enjoy it. I really like it.

Jody Espina, saxophonist, New York City, USA

I love your WebPage. Congratulations on the tremendously creative and fabulous work you're doing! I am so impressed with your commitment to use your musical talent to touch the hearts and souls of so many people.

Catherine Parrish, consultant, Marin County, California, USA - 5/00

Greetings from Santi in the islands of Paradise...Bali. Thank you for the CD "Live at the Museum". Your music is both very exciting and peaceful. It's joyful, and I'm telling you the truth and I'm not lying. Sometimes I listen to your music while I'm going to sleep. It's a pleasure to have it. I wish you success with your music and jobs. And always remember my beautiful magnificent Bali, alright? Best regards.

Santi Niluh Putu Dewi, travel agent, Denpasar, Bali

Hi Harry. I'm in Chicago, where we're playing at the House of Blues. We're staying at the House of Blues hotel, and in the room is a stereo. So I put on your CD ("Live at the Museum"), and it really sounds great. Your playing sounds fantastic, and the tunes are great. Your stuff stays so nice and musical. Congratulations. And the recording and mix sound great too. I can tell it's a good piano. Wow.

Avi Bortnick, guitarist on tour with John Scofield, USA
Paradox Fossils cd cover

"Hi Harry. My idea was to create something light and joyful when listening to your CD.
Dreams, feelings, memories
Universe, human, self-discovery
Space is no longer far
Weather no longer chilly
Close my eyes, keep in my mind
With music, we'll be together".

Hai Phuong, musician and poet, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam

"I liked "Live at the Museum" - I REALLY liked it. After the first listen, I left it in my CD player and put it on continuous repeat. Very pleasant."

Tomaz Tomanek, photographer, Paterson NJ, USA

Hi, it's Angela from the Museum and Art Gallery in Darwin Australia...we had a great evening the night we met you, especially at the piano bar. I am intrigued to know what direction your career path will take. For you, it was certainly a night of many offers, plus you also sold a couple of CD's. We arrived home in Darwin from Thailand at 6.00am and promptly played your CD "Live at the Museum". Sitting on the verandah catching the early dawn and listening to you 'tinkling the keyboards' was a perfect way to relax after a long journey home. I also visited your website - Great Stuff! (I especially love the photograph of the children on the beach at Mykonos). Harry, should you ever come 'down-under' again and decide to venture to the Top End, please let us know, it would be great to catch up again. Regards.

Angela Keith, museum curator, Darwin, Australia

"Hello Harry, this is Gerard the saxophonist from the Holiday Inn in Phuket. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your playing, and your cd "Live at the Museum", I've just been listening to it! If you ever need a saxophonist/singer for a cruise or so, don't hesitate to ask me. I would be delighted to play with someone of your standard!! (soon I'll open my own website www.saxofun.com keep an eye out for it) I really liked your site Harry!"

Gerard Corneille, saxophonist, Phuket, Thailand

"Great CD! The girls in the Spa play it every day, and the guests love it also"

Frances Files, hair artist, outback Australia - 2/00
Open House cd cover

"Very nice CD. Easy listening music. Pleasant for ears, and relaxing in afternoon hours"

Dragan, bartender, Croatia

"Thank you very much, you makes me happy and I have a really good and nice dream after the listening your CD "Paradox Fossils". Thank you one more time."

Zsolt (aka Charles), chef, Hungary

" Got your new CD "Live at the Museum"...really like it...thanks for being so talented!! I really do like it - very relaxing."

Joyce Malloy, counselor, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I have visited the site where your CD is; Oh oh I listened to the three tracks from your new CD "Live at the Museum". They are all very nice, but in particular I have liked the lovely song, " Path of Moonbeams" - very, very, very nice. You are a very clever pianist and composer. Good !!!!! I wish to you good fortune for your job, your musique, your life. Now for your new CD. Fortune fortune! Greetings from Roma.

Daniela Pitorri, RAI (Italian State Broadcasting Company), Rome, Italy

"Thanks for the CD. It's very nice music I ever heard"

Victor from the Phillipines, laundryman onboard cruise ship